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Introductory Lesson for Character Development

Suggested Grade Level

Suggested Values

Suggested Subject Matter

1 Citizenship, Commitment, Courage, Integrity, Patriotism, Sacrifice English/Language Arts/Social Studies

• Students will make connections between learning and using various strategies which help us become better readers,
  writers, mathematicians etc. and using and learning strategies which can help us become : ”best person we can be.”

Students will be introduced to the six character traits associated with the National Medal of Honor.


Core Value Focus:
Intro to all six values

Recipient Focus:

Introductory Activity:
Class Circle on the floor. Teacher begins the discussion about “What will we be learning this
year in school?” Teacher will inform the class that in addition to all of their core subjects (and individual interests)
the class will be spending time learning about how to be “the best person we can be.”

Teacher will go on to explain that just as they will be learning and using strategies to help them read or spell a word
that they are stuck on and learning and using other strategies to help them solve difficult math problems, they will
also be learning strategies which will help them become “the best person they can be.”

Teacher will explain that there is a special medal awarded to select individuals whose actions required special
recognition. The medal is given to both members of the military and civilians who have done deeds that put others
before themselves.

Teacher will list all six character traits associated with the Medal of Honor: Sacrifice, Citizenship, Patriotism,
Courage, Commitment,
and Integrity. The Teacher will explain that in the first grade they will be focusing on the first
three characteristics.

Small Group Activity:
Students will return to their seats. Each table will be given an 18” x 4” piece of paper and an envelope with cut out
letters which will be used to spell out the word Sacrifice Students will be encouraged to work with their table mates
to”build the word”following the teacher’s verbal instructions. Examples might include the following: How many letters
are in this word? How many different letters? What letter appears more than once? How would we arrange these
letters in A-B-C order? Now let’s spell the word correctly. What is the first letter in the word Sacrifice? Place the “S”
on the far left side of your paper. Continue giving clues to engage students as they complete the project.

Concluding Activity: Call the group together and discuss how each table group worked as a team. What went well?
What needs improvement?

Assessment: N/A

Extended Activities: N/A

Resources: N/A