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Suggested Grade Level

Suggested Values

Suggested Subject Matter

1 Patriotism English/Language Arts/Social Studies

Students will:

• Learn the meaning of content and vocabulary of the Pledge of Allegiance
• Develop understanding of patriotism

Category: Primary

Core Value Focus: Patriotism

Recipient Focus: There is no Recipient focus for this lesson.

Materials Needed:
The Pledge of Allegiance
, Scholastic
Link to The Pledge of Allegiance Explained
YouTube video (See Whole Group Activity below)
Headbands - 1 per student (Vocabulary, Definitions)
Patriotic Cut-and-Paste matching activity

Introductory Activity:
The teacher will read the Pledge of Allegiance. As they are listening students will be directed to raise
their hand if there are words they don’t understand. Teacher will list words which should include:

• pledge
• allegiance
• republic
• nation
• indivisible
• liberty
• justice

Students will Think-Pair-Share the meanings of the words before having a class discussion on the
definitions listed below.

Pledge – a serious promise
Flag – a symbol standing for a country
Allegiance – loyalty or commitment
Republic – our country
Nation – a common group of people, a community
Indivisible – stand together in unison (can’t be divided) for one country
Liberty - freedom
Justice- equal opportunity, fairness

Whole Group Activity:
If possible, the teacher will project the Pledge of Allegiance on the whiteboard and have
students underline or highlight key words.

The teacher will show the video clip The Pledge of Allegiance explained:

The teacher will lead the class in a matching activity. The teacher provides definitions and the students
determine which word each definition matches.

Individual Activity:
Individual cut-and-paste matching Patriotic worksheet.

Small Group Activity:
Heads up vocabulary activity. Teacher provides each student with a pre-prepared headband that
has a vocabulary word on it. These headbands can be teacher-made using sentence strips. Words
can be attached to the headbands using Velcro® dots or paper clips. Students can NOT see what
word they are wearing. At teacher’s signal, students circulate around the room asking, “Am I….?”.
Students must finish the question using definitions only. They may use the completed cut-and-paste
page for reference. (i.e. “Am I a symbol standing for a country?”) They can ask each student one
question, then they have to ask a different student. Once they figure out what word they are wearing,
they will go to a designated area of the room that is labeled with that vocabulary word.

Concluding Activity:
Flag art project - Each student needs a 12x18 piece of white construction paper, 7 red strips cut to
1x18, and one 6x8 blue rectangle. Students will glue one red strip at the very top, one red strip at the
very bottom, and one in the middle of the white paper. Then they evenly space two red strips between
the top red strips and two evenly spaced between the bottom two. Glue the blue rectangle in the top
left hand corner. Use pointer finger dipped in white paint to make 50 stars on the blue. The students
then write the words to the Pledge of Allegiance in the white portions (allow glue to dry first). Add
picture of final project.

There is no assessment criteria for this lesson.

Extended Activities:
Students can write letters to soldiers thanking them for their service and patriotism.

The Pledge of Allegiance. New York: Scholastic, 2000. Print.

Quote:"One flag, one land, one heart, one hand, One Nation evermore." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Worksheet accompanies this lesson.