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Citizenship: Do Something for Others

Suggested Grade Level

Suggested Values

Suggested Subject Matter

4 Citizenship English/Language Arts/Social Studies

Students will:
• Understand what it means to be a citizen of our classroom, the larger community and our country.
• Students will name characteristics of a good citizen and be able to role play or write about situations
  that show people being good citizens.

Definition of Citizenship: The fact or status of being a citizen of a particular place and/or the qualities that a person is expected to have
as a responsible member of a community.

Category: Junior

Core Value Focus: Citizenship

Recipient Focus: N/A

Introductory Activity:
Read the book Do Something for Others: The Kids Book of Citizens by Anders Hanson (free to educators on Epic
at https://www.get Show several videos from that meet
the needs of your students and your specific learning target. These videos show children being good citizens in a
variety of ways.

Have students brainstorm words/terms that describe what a good citizen is based on the book, the video clips, and student’s
background knowledge. This can be documented on chart paper, a Google doc or on a SmartBoard.

Small Group Activity: Students will choose to work in a small group to either act out a scenario on citizenship or create a comic
strip of the same scenarios. See handout for scenario ideas.

Concluding Activity: Exit Ticket - Randomly hand out an exit ticket to each student so that they can write down what it means
to be a good citizen as a check for understanding.

Assessment: N/A

Extended Activities:
Book called Being a Good Citizen on YouTube
A Very Important Day by Maggie Rugg Harold

Exit Ticket on Citizenship
Citizenship Scenarios and Comic Strip Ideas
Big Start Big End Comic Page

Quote on the focus core value:
"Citizenship is a tough occupation which obliges the citizen to make his own informed opinion and stand by it." - Martha Gellhorn