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Commitment to Growth

Suggested Grade Level

Suggested Values

Suggested Subject Matter

K Commitment English/Language Arts/Social Studies

Students will:

• Deepen their understanding around the core value commitment.
• Apply understanding of commitment to planting and caring for a class plant.
• Reflect and analyze on their experiences of being committed.

Category: Kindergarten

Core Value Focus: Commitment

Introductory Activity:
Teacher: Today we are going to deepen our understanding of our core value of commitment (point to the Medal of Honor
commitment poster displayed in the classroom) by planting and planning how to care for a class plant, and an on-going
commitment to follow-through.

Whole Group Activity:
Play an interactive planting game like the one at as a class on the smartboard to generate
background knowledge and motivate students about planting and growing.

Write a class list of what our seeds will need to grow.
(ie: water it, plant seed in soil, sunshine, love, music, warmth…have students think about if each act needs to be just once or
if it’s an ongoing commitment)

Whole Group Active Participation:
Pass out a few mint seeds to each child, then invite them to plan them in a large pot of soil. After all seeds are planted, water
and sing or show love towards the plant. Decide on a system of who and how will water the plan (student of the day…?).

Concluding Activity: Discussion, sign commitment and place heart on class commitment medal.

Discuss how signing something is a way of showing a commitment and invite all the students to sign the list of what what the
seeds and plant will need and give them time to sign.

Teacher: “We were all making a commitment today to care for our mint plant. Let’s place a heart on our commitment Medal
of Honor.”

If you have done this lesson/activity in the past, keep pictures or documentation of the results they have gotten. If you have
students from past years that have participated in growing plants, show your current class a picture of them with their plants
or even invite them to your class to have an interview about the process of growing their own plants and the commitment it

Assessment: Discussion and observation, reflection on activity, student participation

Extended Activities:
-Discussion and class definition of commitment: create a circle map or written definition as a class of the core value
commitment to add to the medal displayed in the classroom.

-As the plant grows, discuss the pay-offs of the commitment and enjoy mint water, rub the leaves and smell them to calm
down, point out how there is a tangible enjoyment to their commitment.

-There can also be extended commitments that the students choose either on their own or as a class. For example, on
Mondays the class can choose an act to commit to for the week (students can pick individual goals like “I want to draw a dog
better!” so they draw a dog every day that week, or the class can decide “we want to pick up litter on the playground!” and
the entire class would make sure to fulfill their commitment each day that week.) Individual commitments can be
documented to show growth: “Look how much you have improved at staying in one quiet line because we have committed to
working on this!” or “Look how much better you can tie your shoe because you have committed to practicing it each day this
week!” Have students look at their progress and have a discussion on Friday about how they think the commitment made an
impact on the activity they picked for the week.

Mint seeds
Large pot and soil
Watering can
Dry erase markers for growth chart

Growth chart