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Sacrifice Your Scales

Suggested Grade Level

Suggested Values

Suggested Subject Matter

K Sacrifice English/Language Arts/Social Studies

Students will:
• Deepen their understanding around the core value sacrifice.
• Create a rainbow fish art project representing the value of sacrifice.
• Reflect and analyze on their experiences of sacrificing.

Introductory Activity:
Suggested Teacher script: Today we are going to deepen our understanding of our core value of sacrifice (point to the Medal
of Honor sacrifice poster displayed in the classroom) by reading a story where the main character makes a sacrifice.

Read "The Rainbow Fish" aloud.

Small Group Activity:
Teacher: “We are going to make our own rainbow fish! You get to choose your favorite color of this special tissue paper.
You will tear your tissue to make scales after everyone chooses their color.” (Have each student choose one specific color of
tissue paper and sit down.) “How beautiful will your fish be with just one color? Will you be able to make a rainbow fish all
by yourself? What can we do to make rainbow fish with all six colors? (discuss) You need to walk around and ask your
friends to “sacrifice” and tear off a piece their tissue for your fish, and you need to “sacrifice” and tear off pieces for people
who ask for your color. When you have all six colors and are left with only a small piece of your color, you may go to your

Small Group Activity:
Create individual fish art project
Teacher: “Tear and glue on your scales. The final step will be to go to the painting station and paint the water.” (You may
want to post the steps to the project with oral speaking frames:
Sacrifice scales: “May I have a piece of your (color)?” “Would you like a piece of my color?”
• Six colors, then glue
• Paint water
• Name

Concluding Activity:
Discussion and place heart on class sacrifice medal.
Guiding questions:
● How did it feel to sacrifice and tear pieces of your special tissue paper?
● Have you had to sacrifice something before? Explain.
● Has someone sacrificed something for you?
● How did sacrificing pieces of your tissue create something more colorful?
● Do you think your art is better than it would have been if nobody was willing to make a sacrifice?

Teacher: “We all made sacrifices today and honored this core value. Let’s place a heart on our Sacrifice Medal of Honor.”

Extended Activities:
Math/Writing: Students can count the scales and then they can write a sentence and add to their fish project. My fish has ___
scales. All our fish have ___ scales total.
Discussion and class definition of sacrifice: create a circle map or written definition as a class of the core value sacrifice to
add to the medal displayed in the classroom

Create a collage of examples and images representing sacrifice or sacrifice heroes have made.

“The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister
Six colors of tissue paper in half sheets (roughly 6 inches by 6 inches)
Rainbow Fish Template
Glue, blue paint and brushes for background