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Swimmy Citizens

Suggested Grade Level

Suggested Values

Suggested Subject Matter

K Citizenship Other

Students will:
• Deepen their understanding around the core value citizenship.
• Identify their own strengths and gifts
• Brainstorm ways they can be good citizens in their classroom.
• Create a page in a classroom book applying their learning to their own life.

Category: Kindergarten

Core Value Focus: Citizenship

Introductory Activity:
Teacher: “ Today we are going to deepen our understanding of our core value of citizenship (point to the medal of honor
citizenship poster displayed in the classroom) by reading a story a fish who is a good citizen because he uses his gifts to help
the group and making a class book.”

Whole Group Activity: Read aloud Swimmy by Leo Lionni
Follow up/ Guiding Questions:
- What were Swimmy’s strengths? What was he good at?
- How did Swimmy show courage?
- How do you think Swimmy was a good citizen?

Teacher: “Today we saw Swimmy being a good citizen in his school of fish. We saw that he used his strengths and courage
to not give up and let the big tuna fish keep him from swimming and playing with his friends. Swimmy thought of a solution
to help his whole school of fish. There are many ways to be a good citizen in your own school. Let's take a moment to think
about our own strengths and gifts and how we can use them to be good citizens.” (Give think time).

Whole Group Activity: Model class book page by making a page in front of the students modeling a strength of yours and
how you will use it to make your class a better place throughout the year. Send students off to create their own page and
assist them as they draw and write their ideas.

Concluding Activity: Discussion and place heart on class sacrifice medal
Teacher: (Read class book aloud to students).
Teacher: “We all have strengths and gifts that we can use everyday to be good citizens in our classroom, school, and homes.
By creating a class book, we were good citizens because we worked together. Now we know how we can count on each
other when we need help as well. Let’s place a heart on our Citizenship Medal of Honor.”

Assessment: Discussion and observation, reflection on activity, student participation

Extended Activities:
- Throughout the school year refer back to the book when students need help with certain skills. For example: (student) needs
help tying shoes, (another student) wrote in our book that he/she could be a good citizen by helping others tie shoes.
- Discussion and class definition of citizenship: create a circle map or written definition as a class of the core value citizenship
to add to the medal displayed in the classroom
- Read and discuss the book “How Full is Your Bucket? For Kids” by Donald O. Clifton, Mary Reckmeyer, and Tom Rath.
Another class book can be created by students. Use the sentence frame: “I can be a bucket filler by….” Students draw and
write on their page different ways they can fill others' buckets.

Swimmy by Leo Lionni
Three-ring binder to compile pages for class book
Swimmy Citizens book cover and page template

Additional Resources