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Introducing the Character Development Program

Suggested Grade Level

Suggested Values

Suggested Subject Matter

Kindergarten - Third Grade Patriotism, Citizenship, Commitment, Courage, Integrity, Sacrifice

20 minutes

Students will:

  • Be introduced to the Medal of Honor Character Development Program and the core values of courage, commitment, sacrifice, citizenship, integrity and patriotism
  • Collaborate to build a core value word 

Materials Needed:

Introductory Activity:
Explain that there is a special medal awarded to members of the military who have done deeds that put others before themselves. It is the highest military award a person can receive and it is awarded to the Recipient by the President. The people who receive this medal have shown some important values. Write the core value words on the board and read them aloud. Explain that students will be learning about these core values this year.

Small Group Activity:
Divide the class into six groups. Give each group an envelope and a piece of construction paper. Explain that the envelope contains letters that will spell out one of the core value words. Have students work together to figure out which word they have and then glue the letters in order onto the construction paper. Post the words in the classroom.

Concluding Activity:
Discuss how each group worked as a team. What helped them? Were there any problems?