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Overcoming Obstacles

Suggested Level

Suggested Applications

Middle and High School History, Language Arts

Students will:
• analyze how events develop and interact over the course of a text
• evaluate a speaker’s point of view and reasoning
• identify alternative solutions to a problem

Medal of Honor Focus: Any Medal of Honor Recipient or Citizen Honors awardee

Introductory Activity:
Teacher will write the following on the board: “Describe a time in your life when you overcame a difficult
circumstance and how you did so.” Students will write five to seven lines to answer the question. Students will
share their response with a partner and then discuss their responses as a class.

Whole Group Activity:

The teacher will give students the worksheet and will ask the students to look for obstacles that the person in
the video had to overcome and evidence about how they overcame those obstacles. Students should be able to
identify at least three obstacles and how the individual overcame them.

Small Group/Individual Activity:
At the conclusion of the video, the teacher will put students in groups of 2-4 to share their double responses and
lead a discussion about what stood out to them.

Concluding Activity:

Students will complete a 3-2-1 reflection, describing three things that stood out, two questions they have, and one
connection or application they made to own their life.


Student discussion, double entry journal, reflection


Chosen Medal of Honor Recipient or Citizen Honors awardee video, worksheets

Living History Video

Portraits of Valor - Clarence Sasser