5 Ways To Show Courage Every Day

Choosing to bring courage to every facet of your life isn’t an easy task. It requires you to pull yourself out of your comfort zone for a cause, value, belief, or someone you care about. Being courageous comes in many different forms, and it’s a trait we’re all capable of embodying. Here are ways you can preserve the legacy of the Medal of Honor by demonstrating courage daily.

Face Difficulties Head-On

A sure-fire way to exercise courage daily is by facing life’s challenges head-on. While easier said than done, when you practice this consistently, you teach yourself that you have what it takes to overcome obstacles just as our Medal of Honor Recipients have done. When you try to avoid these difficulties,  you not only miss out on growth opportunities for yourself but also the chance to set the example and demonstrate courage for others.

Challenge the Status Quo

Don’t be afraid to go against the grain or speak up for yourself or someone else. Sometimes, this can present an intimidating experience when you’re addressing an authority figure or someone you admire. Approach these opportunities with respect, confidence, and courage. Demonstrating courage in the face of the status quo can be as simple as taking on a new hobby or skill you have been afraid to attempt or being innovative when you would normally rely on others for a solution. 

Stand Up For Your Values & Beliefs

One of the most common acts of courage we see is when someone stands up for what they believe or their core values. You’ve most likely seen this demonstrated in the classroom, your workplace, in your community, and even around the globe. When was the last time you took a stand for a cause, value, or belief that was important to you? Take opportunities to show your pride for your values and courageously exemplify those sound values in your daily living to inspire others.

Ask For Help

While seemingly not as courageous, asking for help when you need it is one of the most courageous things you can do. In doing so, not only do you create opportunities for collaboration and new insight, but you also show others that it is okay to lean on one another as well. We see this exemplified by Medal of Honor Recipients daily as they share their stories of battle in protecting their fellow man and the power of unity among one another.

Do The Right Thing

Lastly, it takes a lot of courage to do the right thing when the wrong thing is an easier option. The Congressional Medal of Honor Society works endlessly to help educators inspire their students to choose a courageous path of integrity through the Character Development Program. This is a great way to practice courage in our everyday decisions and interactions. By simply choosing to courageously do the right thing each time, you create a better world for yourself and those around you.

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