The CPD was designed to teach middle & high school students important concepts resembled by the Medal of Honor. Access the free character education lesson plans.

What Can I Do?

OBJECTIVES Students will: explain what role they play in and how they can be part of a positive society through service, sacrifice and commitment SUGGESTED LEVEL SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS Middle and … Read More

The “Burden” Of Leadership

OBJECTIVES Students will: explain and identify character traits and leadership styles that are effective in leading groups and/or individuals in various situations and experiences in life SUGGESTED LEVEL SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS … Read More

Survival Math

OBJECTIVES Students will: understand the relationship of the legs and hypotenuse of triangles and find the hypotenuse and measurement of the legs calculate the angles of a triangle given the … Read More

Portrait Of A Service Member

OBJECTIVESStudents will: develop insightful questions that cannot be easily researched through online resources to ask a service member conduct interviews analyze the challenges of a service member SUGGESTED LEVEL SUGGESTED … Read More

an Unlikely Hero

OBJECTIVES Students will: consider the values that make a hero discuss and generate words that describe a Medal of Honor Recipient identify characteristics and qualities of someone who may become … Read More

A Student Of Mine

OBJECTIVES Students will: determine that the Citizen Honors awardees display many of the same values as Medal of Honor Recipients relate the character values demonstrated by the Citizen Honors awardees … Read More

Integrity And The Power Of Words

OBJECTIVES Students will: explain the importance of integrity in reporting and the danger of rumors and misinformation explore the process of verifying sources SUGGESTED LEVEL SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS Middle and High … Read More

Courage To Make A Difference

OBJECTIVES Students will: compare and contrast the characteristics of two different Medal of Honor Recipients debate whether a person’s size or intellect makes a difference in his/her contribution to society … Read More

A Lesson In Irony

OBJECTIVES Students will: define the literary term “irony” and identify examples describe irony in comic strips or memes interpret and explain Crawford’s actions evaluate the word “unassuming” in two different … Read More

What Is Courage?

OBJECTIVES Students will: define courage and give examples of courage in varied circumstances SUGGESTED LEVEL SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS Middle and High School Social Studies, Language Arts LESSON TIME:One to Two Class … Read More

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