The CPD was designed to teach middle & high school students important concepts resembled by the Medal of Honor. Access the free character education lesson plans.

Integrity In Decision Making

OBJECTIVES Students will: determine how a decision made at a critical juncture in life impacts the lives of others recognize the importance of practicing empathy and making ethical decisions SUGGESTED … Read More

Reflecting On Courage

OBJECTIVES Students will: identify careers that require acts of courage develop awareness of universal acts of courage LESSON TIME:Two Class Sessions SUGGESTED LEVEL SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS Middle and High School Social … Read More

The Color Of Character

OBJECTIVES Students will: identify the character traits within Recipients, themselves, and local heroes discuss symbolism and identify what colors they connect with each character trait SUGGESTED LEVEL SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS Middle … Read More

My Challenge To You

OBJECTIVESStudents will: explain the history and purpose of a challenge coin identify the symbolism on various coins create their own coin that represents who they are and what they believe … Read More

Geography And The Medal Of Honor

OBJECTIVESStudents will: examine the geographical locations of military conflicts for which individuals have been awarded the Medal of Honor label a map identifying continents and countries SUGGESTED LEVEL SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS … Read More

Medal Of Honor: What Does It Mean?

MEDAL OF HONOR: WHAT DOES IT MEAN? OBJECTIVESStudents will: learn the history and meaning of the Medal of Honor explore the story of a Medal of Honor Recipient present findings … Read More

Exploring the Six Core Values

OBJECTIVES Students will: research, define and interpret the six core values use these definitions and interpretations in an informational essay Suggested Level – High School Suggested Application – Foundational, Citizen … Read More

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