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Say What You’ll Do and Then Carry Through

Suggested Grade Level

Suggested Values

Suggested Subject Matter

First Commitment

60 minutes

Students will:

  • Define commitment and find examples from materials shared in class
  • Identify and illustrate examples of commitment in their own lives

Materials Needed:

Introductory Activity:
Show the Character Club Commitment video. Discuss examples of commitment that students noticed in the video.

Whole Group Activity:
Ask students to listen for examples of how Horton shows commitment.

Have students think-pair-share their ideas about the following guiding questions:

  • What obstacles did Horton encounter?
  • What did Horton do when he was in that situation?
  • How did Horton show commitment?

Concluding Activity:
Have students complete the worksheet. Pages can be bound into a class book and shared.

Class participation, completed worksheet