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Sally Ride: Stellar Commitment

Suggested Grade Level

Suggested Values

Suggested Subject Matter

Fourth Commitment

45 minutes

Students will:

  • Identify and discuss the importance of commitment in their lives and in the community
  • Identify ways Sally Ride demonstrated commitment throughout her life

Materials Needed:

  • Character Club Commitment Video
  • Astronaut and Physicist Sally Ride by Margaret J. Goldstein (or any grade level appropriate biography on Sally Ride)
  • Paper
  • Colored pencils or crayons

Introductory Activity:
Watch the Character Club Commitment video and review the meaning of the word commitment with the class. Explain that they will be listening to a biography of Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. Ask students to be listening for ways Sally Ride showed commitment throughout her life.

Small Group Activity:
Read Astronaut and Physicist Sally Ride by Margaret J. Goldstein (or other selected Sally Ride biography) aloud to the class. Have students discuss and list the ways Sally Ride demonstrated commitment to herself and her community.

Individual Activity:
Have students write a paragraph describing how Sally Ride demonstrated commitment. They should include three examples from the biography to show how she demonstrated commitment: (1) to herself growing up, (2) to herself as an adult, and (3) to our country. Have students draw and color an illustration of Sally Ride demonstrating one of the commitments they wrote about in the paragraph.

Concluding Activity:
Have students share their paragraphs and illustrations with a partner or the whole class. Discuss how students demonstrated commitment to themselves and to their community. Have students brainstorm how they can show commitment in the future.

Student paragraphs, participation