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Medal of Honor State Research Project

Suggested Grade Level

Suggested Values

Suggested Subject Matter

Fifth Citizenship

Five 60 minute Sessions

Students will:

  • Research one Medal of Honor Recipient based on the state to which they are accredited
  • Create a detailed slide show using provided guidelines
  • Find important facts and details on the assigned state and chosen Recipient

Materials Needed:

Introductory Activity:
Write the following question on the board: What important facts do you know about our state?

Ask students if they can name the state bird, describe the state flag, sing the state anthem, locate the state capital, etc. Lead a discussion about the things students know and do not know about the state.

Ask students if they know any of the Medal of Honor Recipients from their state. After allowing time for the students to name Recipients they know, share the list of Recipients by state (either printed or electronic version).

Small Group Activity:
Have students pair up, and assign each pair a state. Then, have the pair look up the list of Medal of Honor Recipients accredited to their state and select one to research. Encourage students to pick a Recipient from WWII forward, as more information is available about these individuals.

Using the Slide Template, students will research their assigned state and their selected Medal of Honor Recipient to create a slideshow.

Concluding Activity:
Have partner groups present their projects to the class. Students should be prepared to give feedback and ask questions.

Class participation, slide show, presentation