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The Importance of Remembrance

Suggested Grade Level

Suggested Values

Suggested Subject Matter

Fifth Patriotism, Citizenship

60 minutes

Students will:

  • Identify the importance and symbolism of the Vietnam War Memorial
  •  Answer open-ended and closed-ended questions about The Wall by Eve Bunting

Materials Needed:

Teacher Preparation:
Hang the gallery walk questions in numerical order around the classroom.

Introductory Activity:
Read aloud The Wall by Eve Bunting.

Have students discuss the importance of the story and how it represents patriotism.

Hand each student a Gallery Walk graphic organizer and a clipboard. Pair up students to work together on the activity (each student will still complete his or her own sheet).

Small Group Activity:
Have students walk with their partners around the room, station to station. While the students are visiting each station, instruct them to discuss with their partner the possible answers to write on their graphic organizer. It is important that the students collaborate at this time; however, the teacher needs to remind the students to use a quiet and respectful voice, as if they were in an art gallery.

Once the students have answered all the questions, they should return to their seats.

Concluding Activity:
Assign the following open-ended question for the students to complete as an extension or homework activity: “Why is it important to remember all veterans and not just ones who have lost their lives?” Students should write at least five to seven sentences, providing evidence from The Wall to support their answer. Students should be prepared to share out their answers with the class at the completion of the assignment.

Graphic organizers, open-ended question assignment

Extended Activity:
Students may research other memorials across the country, identifying the importance of the memorial and what types of symbolism are used at each memorial.