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Medal of Honor Infographic

Suggested Grade Level

Suggested Values

Suggested Subject Matter

Sixth Sacrifice

60 minutes

Students will:

  • Research a Medal of Honor Recipient
  • Analyze and share their findings
  • Work collaboratively to create an infographic based on a Medal of Honor Recipient

Materials Needed:

  • Computers (with program like Google Drawings or Piktochart)
  • Infographic Requirements sheet
  • A list of Medal of Honor Recipients (teacher can choose to assign Recipients who all represent the same conflict or a variety of conflicts, or students can be allowed to select their own Recipients)


Introductory Activity:
Write the following question on the board: "What is an infographic?" Have students think-pair-share what they think an infographic is. After the students finish collaborating, ask them to share what they think the word means. Share that an infographic is a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data. The importance of an infographic is to present information in a clear and engaging way.

Whole Group Activity:
Model what an infographic looks like using online images or an infographic you have made about yourself. Demonstrate with the students how to navigate and use a program of your choice (examples: Piktochart, Google drawings).

Individual Activity:
Have students learn how to navigate and create an infographic by making one about themselves using images and at least two types of graphs or charts that include data.

Whole Group Activity:
Have students share the infographics about themselves with the rest of the class.

Whole Group Activity: 
Have the students pair up, and assign each pair a Medal of Honor Recipient. Pass out the Infographic Requirements sheet to each pair, and review the assignment. Explain that the students will be researching Medal of Honor Recipients and finding out more about the sacrifices they made for their country. They will be using infographics to share their findings with the class.

Small Group Activity: 
Have students research their assigned Recipient, analyze data from the conflict, and decide how to represent the details graphically. Let the students collaborate inside and/or outside of class, and provide them with adequate time to create their final infographic.


Whole Group Activity:
Have students share their infographic with their peers.

Concluding Activity: 
Reflect as a group about what everyone has learned about the Medal of Honor Recipients and about sharing information through an infographic.

Class participation, close-reading assignment