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Citizen Service Before Self Honors: What Does It Mean?

Suggested Level

Suggested Applications

Middle and High School Foundational, Citizen Honors

Two to Three Class Sessions

Students will:

  • learn the history and meaning of the Citizen Service Before Self Honors award
  • explore the story of a Citizen Honors awardee
  • present findings to the class

Introductory Activity:
Students will use the worksheet to rate their knowledge of the Citizen Service Before Self Honors (also called Citizen Honors) award.

Whole Group Activity:
The teacher will take a survey to see how the class rates collectively on their knowledge and will lead a discussion on any facts that individual students know.

Students will preview the questions for the introductory video “Introducing the Citizen Honors” and will be instructed to listen for the answers as they watch.

Small Group/Individual Activity:
After viewing “Introducing the Citizen Honors,” students will work individually or in partner groups to complete the answers to the questions on the worksheet. The teacher will direct students to use the following resource to watch the video again and to find more in-depth information:

Small Group Activity:
In groups of two to four, students will choose a Citizen Honors awardee to research. They will then present their findings to their classmates in an engaging way: presentation board, PowerPoint presentation, video presentation, web resource, or other final product. Students will use the outline worksheet to find the required information for each awardee.

Whole Group Activity:
Students will present their final product to the class.

Concluding Activity:
The teacher will conduct an informal discussion of each project.


Introducing the Citizen Honors” video, worksheet, computers

Additional Resources