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Reflecting on Courage

Suggested Level

Suggested Applications

Middle and High School Social Studies, Language Arts, Leadership, Guidance and Career Counseling

Two Class Sessions

Students will:

  • identify careers that require acts of courage
  • develop awareness of universal acts of courage

Medal of Honor Focus: Robert Howard, U.S. Army, Vietnam War

Introductory Activity:
Students will brainstorm and make a list of jobs or professions such as firefighter, police officer, doctor, or nurse which require courage. Survey the class to see how the majority of the students responded.

Small Group/Individual Activity:
Separate the class into several small groups. Provide each group a printed copy of Robert Howard’s Portrait of Valor to read together. Ask each group to describe five actions that exemplify his courage. Let the groups discuss each question. Ask students to describe at least three actions that stood out overall.

Whole Group Activity:
Discuss Robert Howard’s acts of courage.

Small Group Activity:
Assign each group a separate profession from the lists of jobs in the introductory activity. Ask each group to describe five actions that are examples of courage for that job or career. Let the groups discuss their responses.

Whole Group Activity:
Each group will report their findings on the acts of courage that exemplify each career identified. Record findings on a classroom chart.

Concluding Activity:
Individually, students will write a reflection about courage and how this value relates to military or civilian professions.

Lists, discussion, chart contribution, reflection

Robert Howard Portrait of Valor

Portrait of Valor - Robert Howard


Portrait of Valor - Robert Howard