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A Man of Courage

Suggested Level

Suggested Applications

Middle and High School Language Arts, Social Studies

Students will:
• Analyze the Citizen Service Before Self Honors citation.
• Identify the values demonstrated in the Citizen Service Before Self Honors citation and
  support their choices with evidence.

Citizen Service Before Self Honoree Focus:
 Any Citizen Service Before Self Honoree may be considered for this lesson.

Introductory Activity:
The teacher will ask students if they can think of a time when they were able to help
another person. Students will explain the circumstances in a brief paragraph.

Whole Group Activity:

Students will share their responses to the introductory activity. The teacher will explain
the purpose of the Citizen Service Before Self Honors. The teacher will show the Citizen
Before Self Honors introductory vignette and lead a discussion about the values seen
in the vignette. The teacher will record responses.

Small Group Activity:
Students will be divided into groups. Each group will be given a Citizen Service Before
Self Honors citation. Students will identify the circumstance for which the honoree received
the Citizen Service Before Self Honors and what he or she did to be chosen. The groups will
select which values from the list generated in the Whole Group Activity are demonstrated
by the honoree in the citation. Each group will cite evidence from the citation that shows
the value that the honoree exemplified.

Whole Group Activity:
Each group will present its citation to the class, explain which values the honoree exemplified,
and share the
evidence that the group found for those values.

Concluding Activity:
Students will be asked to list two things that they learned from the citation and one question
they may have about the Citizen Honoree.

Student analysis of the citation and discussion.

Citizen Honors