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Awards Today

Suggested Level

Suggested Applications

Middle and High School English, Language Arts, Social Studies

Students will:
• Identify modern-day awards and the characteristics of the recipients of these awards
  (e.g., The Academy Awards® (The Oscars®), the Grammy Awards®, the John Newbery Medal,
  Nobel Peace Prize, Golden Apple Award™, etc.).
• Identify the characteristics of the Citizen Service Before Self Honors.

Citizen Service Before Self Honoree Focus (if applicable):
 Any Citizen Service Before Self Honoree may be considered for this lesson.

Introductory Activity:
Students will brainstorm a list of awards that are given to individuals by various organizations.
This list may include awards such as the Nobel Peace Prize, the Grammy Award, the Newbery
Medal, Tony Awards®, Heisman Trophy®, MVP Awards, Olympic Medals, Student of the Month/Week,
Teacher of the Year, Golden Apple Award, etc. Students will choose or be assigned one or more
of the awards from the generated list to research so that they may complete the Awards Today
Graphic Organizer. They will research the name of the award, why it is given (qualifying criteria),
a brief history of the award, when is it given and by whom, who can receive this award, past recipients,
and provide a sketch or visual representation of the award.

Whole Group Activity:
Students will report their findings to the class. The teacher will then show the class the Citizen
Service Before Self Honors introductory vignette, "Introducing the Citizen Honors". While viewing
the vignette, the students will complete a second graphic organizer for the Citizen Service Before
Self Honors.

Small Group Activity:
After viewing the vignette, students will discuss their findings in pairs or small groups.

Whole Group Activity:
The teacher will lead a class discussion based on the completed graphic organizer.

Concluding Activity:
Students will be asked to identify and explain the characteristics of the award that stand
out most and explain why the award is memorable to them in a paragraph.

Graphic organizers, explanation

Citizen Honors

Extended Activities (optional):

1. Research awards that are unique to your community using the same graphic organizer.

Name of Award: ________________________________

2. Ask students to find someone to nominate for one of the awards in their own community.

Awards Today Graphic Organizer

Download lesson to access the Awards Today Graphic Organizer document.