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Comparing Medal of Honor Designs

Suggested Level

Suggested Applications

Middle and High School Fine Arts, History, Language Arts

Students will:
• Compare and contrast the designs of the Medal of Honor in each military branch.
• Review information about the Medal of Honor and explain the type of sacrifice one would have to make to receive this award.

Introductory Activity:
Students will view a display of the different Medal of Honor medals, posters, and bulletin boards, if available.
Students will quickly select a Medal of Honor design of their choice. Students will write why they selected a
particular design. They will complete a Venn diagram to compare/contrast the Medal with at least one other.
Students will participate in a small group discussion based on what they think the Medals represent.

Whole Group Activity:
Students will view the introductory vignette, "Medal of Honor: In Their Own Words," that explains the background
and history of the Medal of Honor.

Small Group/Individual Activity:
Small groups will make a list of sacrifices made by Medal of Honor recipients and explain how an individual would
receive this Medal.

Whole Group Activity:
Each group will report their findings and compare their ideas.

Concluding Activity:
Students will create a definition of what the Medal of Honor represents.

Lists from group discussion, student definition


Medal of Honor: Portraits of Valor Beyond the Call of Duty. NY: Artisan, 2006.

Posters/bulletin boards created by the teacher.

Extended Activity
Using a grid, students will enlarge the Medal chosen and draw it to scale.

Quote: "There is no greater honor than the opportunity to serve and help preserve our freedom — it's the essence of humanity." - James E. Livingston, Marine Corps-Vietnam War