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Data Analysis and the Medal of Honor

Suggested Level

Suggested Applications

Middle and High School Mathematics

Students will:
use data analysis terms, such as percentage, mean, median, and mode.

For the Teacher:
After students have an understanding of the Medal of Honor and what it represents, teachers
may use this lesson for mathematics.

Introductory Activity:
Review definitions of percentage, mean, median, and mode.

Small Group/Individual Activity:
Allow students to examine the data on the worksheet. Ask students to write down three things that stood out
about the data.

Whole Group Activity:
Share the three things that stood out. Discuss the data. Explain the Medal of Honor worksheet and allow students
time to complete it using the data sheet.

Concluding Activity:
The class will review the answers and discuss. Students will examine how their first impressions may have

Worksheet, discussion


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Download lesson to view Data Analysis and Medal of Honor Data Analysis Sample Worksheet.