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Make Your Senses Work

Suggested Level

Suggested Applications

Middle and High School History, Language Arts

Students will:
• Define imagery.
• State examples of imagery.
• Make connections to the recipient’s actions.

Medal of Honor Focus: Leo Thorsness, Major, U.S. Air Force 357 Tactical Fighter Squadron / Vietnam War

Introductory Activity:
Students will respond to the following prompt: “Using your five senses, describe a football game.”
Any school-sponsored activity can replace the football game. Students will share their answer with
a partner.

Whole Group Activity:
The teacher will then ask a few students to share their responses with the whole class.

The teacher will define “imagery” and guide the students to connect imagery to the previous activity.

Small Group/Individual Activity:

While viewing the vignette about Leo Thorsness, students will complete the graphic organizer, “Five
Senses of War.”

Whole Group Activity:
Check for understanding with a discussion of the graphic organizer.

Concluding Activity:
The teacher will lead a discussion about the five senses and Leo Thorsness’ story. The students
will write responses to the following tasks:

1. Define imagery.
2. Identify one thing that stood out about the sensory images of war.
3. List one question you still have.

Responses, graphic organizer, and discussion

Medal of Honor: Portraits of Valor Beyond the Call of Duty. NY: Artisan, 2006.

Extended Activity:
Students will respond to the following prompt: "After viewing the vignette, identify a characteristic of
citizenship that Leo Thorsness demonstrated. Use two examples from the vignette to support your answer."

Quote: "Go with honor, return with honor. That is America in action." - George E. Day, Air Force-Vietnam War

Download lesson to view Sample Worksheet / Makes Your Senses Work.

In Their Own Words - Leo Thorsness