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Where in the World?

Suggested Level

Suggested Applications

Middle and High School History, Geography

Students will:
• Examine the geographical locations of military conflicts in which men/women have been awarded the Medal of Honor.
• Label a map identifying continents and countries using grid coordinates.

Introductory Activity:
Give students a brief background on the number of Medals of Honor that have been bestowed based on events
around the world, the conflicts represented, and the values that have been exhibited. Students will examine
countries and continents where the Medal of Honor recipients earned the Medal of Honor.

Whole Group Activity:
Using the attached worksheet, students will label the designated countries of the conflicts being discussed
on a world map. Students will use an atlas to label continents and specific countries where Medal of Honor
recipients have been in battle.

Small Group/Individual Activity:
Students will pair up and answer the accompanying questions at the bottom of the worksheet.

Concluding Activity:
Discuss the geographical findings.

The labeled map and accompanying worksheet

Class set of world maps, if possible

A blank map of the world

Medal of Honor Geography Activity Worksheet.
• Star stickers or colored markers/pens
• A classroom set of atlases, if possible

Quote: "Without discipline there can be no success in any endeavor." - Arthur J. Jackson, Marine Corps-World War II

Download lesson to see an example Medal of Honor Geography Activity worksheet.