June Webinar: Ignite Summer Learning with the Free Character Development Program

In This Session:
As educators, we find ourselves staying just as active in the summer as we are during the school year. We often find ourselves continuing to work with young people within our communities, church groups, and within our own families which keeps us active and stimulated, gearing up for the school year ahead. Join Tim Smith as he explores ways that the free Character Development Program can augment that desire for participation and leadership in our homes, summer groups, and classrooms by giving us a direct outlet to involvement and summer learning.
Attendees will:
Discuss ways to use the Character Development Program during the summer months.
Explore the idea of using the CDP during our summer tutoring sessions with students that are struggling with reading as well as an overall motivation for school.
Talk about the best way to make summer learning in our households fun as well as ways to keep our brains stimulated throughout the summer.
Discover ways that the CDP can be used during summer camps and VBS sessions.



June 17, 2015