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Medal of Honor is a stirring tribute to our bravest military heroes, men who have earned their place in history and who continue to inspire and awe their fellow citizens through their selflessness and strength of character. This magnificent hardcover book, sponsored by the Foundation and published in collaboration with Artisan, the illustrated book division of Workman Publishing in New York, is a collection of contemporary portraits and 156 stories of living or recently deceased Medal of Honor recipients as captured by best-selling author Peter Collier and award-winning photographer Nick Del Calzo. The recipients’ stories of selfless and courageous action will inspire Americans of all ages and honor all of our country’s veterans. An updated edition of the New York Times bestseller, featuring 12 new recipients and a foreword by Bradley Cooper is available on November 1, 2016.

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Choosing Courage: Inspiring True Stories of What It Means to Be a Hero

How does an ordinary person become a hero? It happens in a split second, a moment of focus and clarity, when a choice is made. Here are the gripping accounts of Medal of Honor Recipients who demonstrated guts and selflessness on the battlefield and confronted life-threatening danger to make a difference. There are the stories of George Sakato and Vernon Baker—both of whom overcame racial discrimination to enlist in the army during World War II (Sakato was a second-generation Japanese American, Baker an African American) and went on to prove that heroes come in all colors—and Clint Romesha, who led his outnumbered fellow soldiers against a determined enemy to prevent the Taliban from taking over a remote U.S. Army outpost in Afghanistan. Also included are civilians who have been honored by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society for outstanding acts of bravery in crisis situations, from a school shooting to the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Adding depth and context are illuminating essays on the combat experience and its aftermath, covering topics such as overcoming fear; a mother mourning the loss of her son; and “surviving hell” as a prisoner of war. For age 10+.

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Electronic versions available on iTunes and Google Play.