Students will:

  • effectively use before, during, and after reading strategies
  • use context clues to understand word meanings
  • interpret a soldier’s words and actions in the context of citizenship

Medal of Honor Focus: Alfred Rascon, U. S. Army, Vietnam War

Introductory Activity:
The teacher will ask students to respond to the following: “Have you ever done something that you were proud of, but never acknowledged for? Explain your response.”

Whole Group Activity:
Read the Portrait of Valor for Alfred Rascon. Revisit the original prompt. Discuss Alfred Rascon’s actions as they relate to receiving the Medal of Honor.

Whole Group Activity: 
View the Alfred Rascon video and complete the viewing guide.

Small Group/Individual Activity:
Elaborate on Rascon’s feelings about his ethnicity. Why do you think his friends acted as they did? How do his feelings about his ethnicity compare to your own? Discuss your responses in small groups.

Concluding Activity:
Respond to one of the three essay prompts (see worksheet).

Completed viewing guide, essay

Alfred Rascon Portrait of Valor and Living History video, worksheet