Students will:

  • identify safe and unsafe driving practices and the consequences of each
  • analyze the events leading to a car crash
  • analyze how actions have consequences
  • evaluate reasons to act in a difficult situation
Middle and High SchoolLanguage Arts, Social Studies, Driver Education, Citizen Honors

One Class Session

Citizen Honors Focus: David Bryan

Introductory Activity:
The students will briefly respond in writing to the following prompt: “Have you ever witnessed unsafe driving practices? Describe the actions you saw that were unsafe and why these actions may have led to an accident or injury. What could be done to prevent such behavior?”

Small Group Activity:
Students will be placed in small groups to share their response to the above prompt. While sharing their responses, the students will look for similar actions that lead to distracted driving. Each group will create a list of the similar actions and any outcomes/consequences that were part of each student’s response to the prompt.

Whole Group Activity:
Each group will share their list. The teacher will lead a discussion on the dangers and consequences of distracted driving. The teacher will ask the students to view the video featuring David Bryan and answer the following questions. Students must cite evidence from the video for each response.

  • Describe the actions that led to Michael Nolte being trapped in a burning car.
  • Describe the actions David Bryan took to save Michael Nolte’s life.
  • What reasons did David Bryan use to explain why he risked his own life to help a stranger?
  • Evaluate how one’s actions can influence the outcome in any situation.

Small Group Activity:
In groups the students will compare answers to the above questions, check for accuracy, and summarize the group responses.

Whole Group Activity:
Each group will share their summary with the class. The teacher will lead a class discussion concerning the four questions, focusing on actions and consequences.

Individual/Small Group Activity:
Students will create a public service announcement/poster/pamphlet about the dangers of distracted driving. These can be posted throughout the school to warn students of the dangers of distracted driving.

Concluding Activity:
The teacher will place this quotation on the board:

“Basically, our life as human beings is how we interact with each other.” -David Bryan

Students will respond to the quotation by explaining how it relates to actions and consequences.

Student responses, class discussion, PSA project

David Bryan video

Extended Activity:
Write an essay about the ethical use of cell phones and/or cameras.