Students will:

  • Identify how individuals in the community are good citizens or how they display citizenship through their everyday service

60 minutes in Class
(approximately one month of posts out of class)

Materials Needed:

Introductory Activity:
Ask students how they see citizenship and service fitting together. After a brief discussion, ask students what types of professions they know that involve service to others. Create a list on the board or student responses.

Explain to students that they will be interviewing a member of their community who serves others and sharing details of their interview via a blog post.

Small Group Activity:
Have students break into small groups to discuss someone in the community they know who holds one of the jobs the class discussed. They should think specifically about people they could ask to interview. After each student has had time to think of a person to interview, bring the class back together to discuss the requirements for the next part of this lesson.

Individual Activity:
Now that they have identified the person they will interview, have students create at least ten questions that are appropriate for the individual they are interviewing.

Small Group Activity:
Have students partner up and share their list of questions with each other. Students should provide feedback to their partner, and each partner should update his or her list of questions as needed. Once the students have finalized their list of questions, they will submit it to the teacher for final review.

Instruct students that they should reach out to the person they want to interview and set up a time to meet with him or her in person or over the phone to conduct the interview.

Whole Group Activity:
Give students back their approved question list, and let students know they should move forward with their interviews. Review how students should behave during their interviews (dressing appropriately, writing down or recording all answers, thanking the individual for taking part in the interview, etc.).

Review or explain the process of blog posting. Model how to use your chosen blog platform, review proper blogging etiquette, and show students how to properly post and comment on blogs.

Assign each student a specific date they must post a blog entry about the individual they interviewed.

Individual Activity:
Have students create their blog entry using the blogging requirements handout as a guide. On their assigned date, they will post their entry on the blog. The rest of the class will be required to comment on the blogger’s post with a thoughtful and constructive response.

Whole Group Activity:
After all students have completed the assignment, discuss the experience and what students learned from conducting the interviews, blogging, and interacting with their peers online.

Concluding Activity:
Ask students to reflect on citizenship and how the people they interviewed make their community a better place.

Participation, question list, blog post and comments