Students will:

  • Deepen their understanding of sacrifice
  • Create a rainbow fish art project representing sacrifice
  • Reflect on and analyze their experiences of sacrificing

45 minutes

Materials Needed:

Introductory Activity:
Explain to students that today’s lesson will be about sacrifice. Read aloud The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. Explain that students are going to get the chance to make their own rainbow fish.

Whole Group Activity: 
Have each student pick one color of tissue paper or the foil and return to their seats with their chosen piece. Ask students if they will be able to make a rainbow fish all by themselves with just their own tissue paper. Ask them what they can do to make a beautiful rainbow fish like they saw in the book. Explain that they will need to walk around and ask their friends to sacrifice some of their tissue paper so they can gather all six colors and the foil for their fish project. They will also need to sacrifice their own paper to their friends.

Let students walk around the room and gather small pieces or “scales” of all the colors while giving away pieces of their own.

This activity can also be done in small groups with each group making one fish.

Small Group/Individual Activity:
Hand out a copy of the fish template to each student or each group. Have students create their “rainbow fish” by gluing their collected “scales” onto the fish template. Students can then decorate the background of the template with paint, crayons, etc.

Whole Group Activity:
After the project is complete, ask students the following guiding questions:

  1. How did it feel to sacrifice and tear pieces of your special tissue paper?
  2. Have you had to sacrifice something before? Explain.
  3. Has someone sacrificed something for you?
  4. How did sacrificing pieces of your tissue create something more colorful?
  5. Do you think your art is better than it would have been if nobody was willing to make a sacrifice?

 Praise students for their willingness to sacrifice while they complete the project.

Concluding Activity:
Show students the Character Club Sacrifice video and discuss how it relates to the Rainbow Fish story and the activity.

Discussion and observation, reflection on activity, student participation

Extended Activities:
Have students count the scales on their rainbow fish and write a sentence to add to their fish project. My fish has ____ scales.

Create a class definition of sacrifice and make a collage of examples and images representing sacrifice.