Students will:

  • identify individuals who selflessly serve others
  • analyze the impact those people have on their communities
  • reflect on how they can embody the admirable qualities they recognize in others

Suggested Level – High School

Suggested Application – Foundational, Veterans day

Lesson Time – One Class Session

Introductory Activity:
The teacher will ask students to write a short paragraph describing individuals who they know who have dedicated themselves to serving others. Students should answer these questions in their paragraphs:

  • Who is a person that you know who has dedicated himself/herself to serving others?
  • In what ways does this person serve others?
  • Why does this person stand out to you?
  • How do you think this person would want his/her service to be remembered?
  • What are some adjectives you would use to describe this person?

Small Group Activity:
Students will work in partner groups to discuss the people they wrote about. Students are encouraged to share only what they are comfortable discussing.

Whole Group Activity:
The teacher will lead a group discussion by asking for volunteers to share about the people they wrote about.

Small Group Activity:
Students will work in partner groups to discuss common themes that they heard as their peers shared out their responses. Students should discuss:

  • types of individuals who were recognized
  • how these individuals would like their service to be remembered
  • adjectives used to describe these individuals

Concluding Activity:
Students will be asked to write a short reflection about how they perceive their current service to others, how they can improve their own service to others, and how they would like to be remembered by others.

The class will be asked to discuss the values and how the values relate to their lives. Individually, students will write about someone who displays one of the values and how he/she displays that value. Students will also write about how they can incorporate these values into their daily lives.

Initial writing, discussion, and final reflection