Character Development Program Webinar

Putting Patriotism into Action: Stories, Lessons and Resources for Your Classroom
Patriotism is about much more than flying a flag on the 4th of July or being an American citizen. Join us for a webinar that will focus on how the stories of Medal of Honor Recipients and Citizen Heroes can inspire students to put patriotism into action by being active members of their communities, schools, and families.
In this session, we will dive into an academic lesson about Medal of Honor recipient Al Rascon and the obstacles he overcame to serve his country; the service which eventually earned him the Medal of Honor. Identifying himself as “an immigrant by birth, an American by choice” and determined to save the lives of those around him, Rascon is, by his actions, a great example of true patriotism. In addition to his story, the webinar will explain how any educator can access the stories of other Medal of Honor recipients as well as the recipients of the Citizen Honors award, which is given out yearly by the Medal of Honor recipients to civilians who display the same kinds of qualities as the Medal of Honor recipients themselves.
Attendees will leave this webinar with materials to use in their classrooms to engage students academically while celebrating the patriotism of some of our country’s greatest heroes.



July 30, 2014