ARLINGTON, Va., Oct. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation launched LiveUp today, an online program based on the Medal of Honor values of selfless service, courage, commitment and patriotism. It inspires teens to live up to their potential by making good decisions about their lives and the way they interact with others in their communities.



“The values of the Medal are important for everyone but especially for teens,” said Medal of Honor Recipient Drew Dix, president of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. “With LiveUp and our Character Development Program (CDP), we’re teaching young Americans to make good decisions based on timeless values. Our goal is to educate them about the consequences of their decisions as they prepare to become the leaders of tomorrow. 



“Since LiveUp is interactive and available on their mobile devices, tablets and computers, it gives us the ability to reach teens aged 13-19 where they live, learn and play,” he said.



In LiveUp, teens learn how the Medal of Honor values apply to the topics of respect, confidence, staying in school, happiness, getting a job and connecting with others. They can participate in dozens of activities, post their thoughts and stories, compare their ideas with other teens and earn points and rewards for their accomplishments. 



Katelyn Ibarra, 17, received the 2017 Citizen Honors Young Hero Award from the Medal of Honor Society for heroism in assisting several citizens injured in a traffic accident. Before emergency medical professionals arrived, Ibarra provided critical first-aid assistance and removed injured passengers from the immediate accident scene.



“We deal with a lot of pressures as teens, and the Medal of Honor values can help us put those pressures in perspective and deal with them,” she said. “LiveUp lets us get together in a safe community and learn how to apply the values in our daily lives.” Ibarra is featured in several LiveUp videos.



Each LiveUp topic opens with an introductory video featuring messages from Medal of Honor Recipients and people like Katelyn who have received Citizen Honors Awards. The Citizen Honors winners are American heroes from all walks of life who have been recognized by Medal of Honor Recipients for acts of courage or selfless service in their everyday lives. The videos help teens develop a stronger understanding of the topics.



Teens have already begun participating in LiveUp to help test the functionality of the website. “They have posted hundreds of photos, signs, banners and quotes about the values and topics,” said Ron Rand, Foundation president and CEO. “It means LiveUp is already working, already inspiring teens. Combined with the CDP, we’ll now be able to reach thousands of teachers and millions of teens each year with the message that Medal of Honor values apply no matter who you are or what you do. Our message is simple: everyone can be a hero.”



LiveUp is made possible through a partnership with Delta Air Lines.



“We are proud to be part of LiveUp because it gives us another opportunity to help young people improve their lives,” said Tad Hutcheson, Vice President, Community Engagement. “At Delta, we believe our commitment to LiveUp and our partnership with the Recipients and the Foundation are a perfect match with our core values of honesty, integrity, respect, perseverance and service leadership.”



Working with the Foundation, Sagepath, an Atlanta-based digital experience agency, has designed and developed LiveUp and the Foundation’s website.



About the Congressional Medal of Honor Society: The Congressional Medal of Honor Society was chartered by the Congress in 1958 to create a brotherhood among the living Medal of Honor recipients, to protect and uphold the dignity and honor of the Medal, to promote patriotism and love of country, and to inspire our youth to become worthy and dedicated citizens of our nation. Its membership consists exclusively of those individuals who have received the Medal of Honor. Today, there are 73 living Recipients of the Medal of Honor. The Society is unique in that its membership hopes that there will be no need to welcome new inductees.



About the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation: The Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation was founded in 1999 by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society to perpetuate the legacy of the Medal. Through character development, scholarship and citizen recognition programs based on the values embodied in the Medal — courage, sacrifice, selfless service and patriotism — the Foundation teaches all citizens that they can make a difference in the lives of others. The Foundation also supports the important work of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with Tax ID #25-1828488, the Foundation carries a rating of 4/4 stars for fiscal management, accountability and transparency from Charity Navigator, America’s premiere nonprofit evaluator.